Just Caught Up On American Colony: The National Geographic Show About The Amish

america colony meet the hutterites

I read a book about Amish living a few weeks ago and my interests were peaked. Now, I have to know anything and everything I can about this particular group of people. Someone told me “American Colony: Meet the Hutterites” was a reality show on National Geographic dedicated to a particular sect and you KNOW I DVR’d that puppy immediately.

I watched 5 episodes last night and am SO CONFUSED. I don’t understand? I thought the Amish weren’t allowed to have computers and electricity? I thought the Amish weren’t allowed to be photographed? It was my understanding that “American Colony: Meet the Hutterites” was going to be about amish people who LEFT the colony. I was shocked to see that we were watching footage from inside the gates – so to speak.

One entire episode was about a girl wanting to make money to get an iPad. All the while she was texting and checking Facebook. Again… WHAT? This was not my interpretation???

Do you watch “American Colony: Meet the Hutterites”? What do you think about the show?

I will say that I feel so bad for the children that have to give up schooling. It must be devastating to feel like that isn’t a choice for you. I, of course, understand the reasoning. If these women have no desire to leave the colony then there really isn’t a need for higher education. Too bad they couldn’t at least finish high school, you know?

I will continue watching but feel that I am not really watching an accurate portrayal. Does anyone have any knowledge on the Amish? Are most colonies like the Hutterites? It all seems very lax to me.

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  1. The Hutterites are NOT Amish. Not even close. They use technology, drink in public and share everything communally. I grew up around the Amish. They do not openly use technology or drink (behind closed barn doors is a different story!)

  2. I grew up in Conrad, Mt not far from the colony. They are not Amish. I so love this program, it’s been my favorite show on t.v. cuz so far I’ve known 2 of the shop pwners in Lewistown:) Love this show, especially Claudia!

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