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Daily Diary: A Full Family Photo Is A Rarity

Over the weekend, we headed to NJ for a birthday party. While we were all sitting around, someone snapped this picture of us. I can’t remember the last time we did this?? It’s always on a holiday – when family is around. Otherwise, it’s three people at best. If I’m being honest – it’s actually typically just my 2 kids. Isn’t that the way? 🙂

I was so excited when this shot was emailed to me. Wish I had more makeup on… but whatever. LOL!

We let our kids dress themselves now – no matter how lax the outfit. Liam decided to wear this team spirit shirt and pants. It was 900 degrees out!!! But he didn’t complain… so we let it go. Natalie, OF COURSE, was in a dress. She is psychotic! Every single day – it’s gotta be a dress. We are going Back to School shopping today. I don’t even have to ASK what she is going to opt for.

I will be sure to post what we come up with.


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