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A New Tool For My Kitchen: Prepology Microwave Pressure Cooker With Extra Gaskets

I’m taking a chance here folks!! I mean – homemade chili in 15 minutes? Sounds about right to me. I’ve been sitting here watching “In The Kitchen With David” on QVC (because I totally love him) and this microwave tool came on the screen which really appealed to me. I have a pressure cooker, but it’s SUPER complicated and I never use it. I should just give it to the poor … I think I will.

This pressure cooker is so much simpler. There are no buttons.  No settings. No degree needed. You throw the ingredients in fresh and you place it in the microwave.

Now look – I’m not saying I’m going to microwave cook every meal. But when life gets the best of me and I don’t want to make pasta – this is a great choice, right?

Do you use this tool? What do you think?

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  1. I own this and made one amazing recipe so far. I can’t wait to make chili. I cooked a 2.2 lb pork roast in 22 minutes. It was amazing. I was so impressed. The recipe had some sauerkraut, beer, apple cider vinegar, barbecues sauce and apples. Threw everything in and in 22 minutes an amazing pork roast.

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