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Daily Diary: I Should Buy Stock In This Place


Seriously, why can’t I stop eating at Benihana? It’s ridiculous!  Yesterday evening, the entire family headed on over for some hibachi. We got there at 4:53… because I’m a senior citizen and like to eat really early. They weren’t even OPENED. They must have thought we were crazy… and maybe I am for their ginger sauce.



My mission today is to find a recipe for their onion soup. Poor Liam gets all of my mushrooms – I don’t like that veggie. So, he gets an overload. 🙂 I’m going to do a quick online search today to figure out WHAT goes into this dish. If I could make this once a week, I would be in my glory.

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  1. That’s so funny – we usually eat pretty early, too. Everyone picks on us about it, but who wants to eat dinner at 8pm? Way too late, in my humble opinion! LOL

  2. Try this one:


    Sounds a lot easier than some of the other ones google offered!

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