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Good N Plenty Restaurant: Family Style Dining In Amish Country

Good N Plenty Restaurant Family Dining Amish Country Lancaster

I’ve been hearing about Good N Plenty for a few years now. Some friends visit the Amish Country every year and this family style restaurant is always on their to-do list. We were in Lancaster this week and decided to check it out.

BOY am I glad we did!

Good N Plenty Restaurant Family Dining Amish Country Lancaster

For around $60, this family of four ate a FULL meal including drinks and dessert. Not a bad deal!!! You start off with FRESH bread, cole slaw, apple sauce, tomatoes and more. My husband couldn’t get enough of the apple butter – although my children wouldn’t give it a second look.

You have a choice of unsweetened tea, water or lemonade. Coffee is also an option. No soda or anything diet is offered.

Good N Plenty Restaurant Family Dining Amish Country Lancaster

Then comes your meal. And when I tell you it was the best fried  chicken I ever had… I’m NOT KIDDING. Good N Plenty was out of control delicious. There were three main dishes to choose from during our seating – fried chicken, beef stroganoff, and some sort of port cutlet. OH BOY!

There were also a variety of sides as well including everything from mashed potatoes and gravy, to corn to noodles to fresh veggies.

Plates are limitless too. They just keep refilling!

Good N Plenty Restaurant Family Dining Amish Country Lancaster

And it doesn’t end there either. You have about 5 desserts to choose from. I opted for blueberry cobbler and cherry cheesecake. You could have all 5 if you like. No one is keeping score. The kids enjoyed fresh ice cream. We were all happy – happy.

There’s one thing about Good N Plenty in Lancaster I should point out though. It’s family style and the tables seat about 12. So, if you don’t have a big enough crowd… you are sharing your food with other people that you don’t know. We happened to have a nice table – but some might not like this notion. Just wanted to give you the heads up!!!

So, are you visiting the Amish Country anytime soon? Be sure to visit Good N Plenty Family Style Restaurant and… GO HUNGRY!

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