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Daily Diary: We Bought A New Car! A GM Acadia Denali

With baby number three on the way, we needed to get a bigger car. GM was having a zero percent finance (for 72 months) deal and we jumped right on it. We were looking for a third row – but didn’t want to go the minivan route. Actually, I was sort of ok with going down that road but my husband was FIRM that it wouldn’t happen.

So, we ended up with the Acadia Denali and I LOVE IT.

(pics from the day we brought home the car)

Natalie and Liam jumped right into that third row. All their friends have big cars and so it was a real pleasure for them to get back there. So cute!

We have a radio again! I haven’t had a radio in YEARS. Many moons ago, our kids threw quarters down the CD slot and it killed the whole system. LOL – now they know they can’t go near this panel.

And we have OnStar! I could cry that’s how happy I am.

Liam was ready to drive this puppy. Who can blame him? 🙂

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