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My Freakish 3AM Wake Up Call Every Night: Having Issues Sleeping

This is getting ridiculous. Every night – and I mean every night – I wake up around 3AM. I could go to bed at 9PM (don’t judge me) or at 11:30PM and it’s still the same. It’s not 3AM on the nose – but it’s within 20 minutes of the top of the hour (give or take). I don’t understand it. Truly. It’s mind boggling. I obviously can’t take any medication for it since I am pregnant and I hardly have caffeine anymore.

I just wake RIGHT up. And it’s not that I can just roll over and go back to sleep. I actually get up and watch television for 2 to 3 hours which means I don’t get back to sleep until around 5AM. It’s so bizarre!

Ready for the scary part? I did a Google search and there is a SERIOUS thread of about 700 pages all from people who also wake up at 3AM each night. And it’s not that some are waking up at 1 and others at 4. The entire thread is 3AM. What is UP WITH THAT?

Scariest answer is that demons are waking me up. That’s the unholy hour or something like that. THANKS to whoever wrote that answer! UGH.

Anyway – have you heard of this before?? I can go to sleep no problem these days. In fact, most nights I straight up PASS OUT. It’s staying asleep that’s becoming the problem.

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  1. Im pregnant too 22 weeks and from 12 weeks to about 18 weeks the exact same thing happened to me! And it sux cuz like younsaid, im up for 2 whole hours after then i gotta get up at 8 am to go to work ughhh. Now since the 20 week mark its happened less frequently so it must be a pregnancy thing, no demons dont worry. That is kinda cool tho i must say 😉

  2. I had EXACTLY the same with my third pregnancy. 3-5 every night. I got more sleep when my baby actually arrived! I just read your last post too, and on the topic of guessing if baby is a girl or a boy, I noticed with my first daughter, my leg hair almost stopped growing. With my son it grew like crazy! With my third baby it stopped again and I thought huh maybe it’s a girl, and sure enough she was! No idea if there’s any truth or reason behind that, but it seems to work for me. So… how is your leg hair, Vera? Lol.

  3. There’s only so many hours a night people can wake up to. There are a lot of people in the world so I’m sure there are as many waking up at 2am as well! But yes, it is a little odd!

  4. you have seriously freaked me out with the demon thing because I wake up at that time also!!!!!! Ambien here I come!

  5. you have seriously freaked me out with the demon thing-I’m not pregnant and always wake up around that time also! Ambien here I come!

  6. my husband has the same problem. 3 am every night. And he’s definitely not pregnant. LOL.

    In googling, we were also surprised to find how many people have this problem. Did you ever solve it?

  7. What was the site to that 700 page thread? I would love to read what other people have to say. I too have been waking up at 3 every morning.

    LOOK UP MERRIDIAN CLOCK. according to TCM, it has to do with ur liver, and how stress (or some meds and foods) mess with it giving u ‘liver fire’ (im sure that made sence 400 years ago when speaking chinese…) at any rate, xiao yao way helps me alot, or chi hu long gu mu li wan, if im takings pills for something else.
    *i am not affiliated with mayway or any other company in any way. just passing along infomation.

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