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Daily Diary: My Dog Jill Has A Semi-Collapsed Trachea

My dogs keep getting sick and I know it has to do with old age, but this is just too much. My little Jill is now on steroids to try to improve her semi-collapsed trachea and antibiotics to cure her bronchitis. She can’t catch her breath. And then it makes her nervous which makes her hack more. This – in turn – gives her more breathing problems. I haven’t been sleeping for weeks as it was… and now this just confirms we are going to have issues for many years to come.

It’s a really scary sound – like she is suffocating. And I lay in bed just waiting for her to settle down – but then this gets me really worried thinking she’s stopped breathing.

Eggshells my friends. We don’t know what to do. She has a follow up with the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, we can get some more answers.

She will be 11 in a few days. My baby girl.

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  1. Vera – I’m with you. My baby girl is 9 and is having the same problem. I imagine her trying to breathe through a straw. When she is resting (which she does most of the day), she’s fine. But when she gets excited, she sounds like a honking seal.

    It’s stressful, I know. Hugs!

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