Daily Diary: Maternity Fashion (Or My Attempt To Still Wear My Old Clothes)


I’m getting big folks. And OF COURSE that’s a great thing!! But I never really focus much on maternity clothing while pregnant because I spend so much time in bed. I pretty much need clothes to go to the doctor’s office. Third trimester – different story. Bed rest usually gets lifted around 35 weeks. And then I go shopping because I gain an average of 45 pounds per child.

Yeah I said it – 45 pounds. Whatever – it is what it is.

Anyway, since I’m “activity restricted” Bill and I went to a diner for lunch yesterday. I recently bought this shirt from TJMAXX and snagged that clutch from Target. Haven’t wore either yet – so I threw them on. The shirt was a little …. snug… but it worked!

Do you stretch your normal wardrobe while pregnant? Or do you go all out and buy everything you need new?

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  1. I love the sleeves on that shirt and it looks really nice with the long necklace!
    I was lucky and didn’t gain much weight in my pregnancy, so I got to wear many of my clothes until the end. I only bought a pair of maternity jeans, a skirt for work and a couple of new bras and shirts… I wish I could have splurged a little bit on maternity dresses though, there are so many cute ones out there!

  2. A am 4.5 months pregnant with my second child and have done a combo of some maternity pants and regular clothes. A few pairs of maternity work pants (LOFT has great ones), but there are so many blousey shirts that work well and lots of dresses that have some stretch anyway to accommodate a bump. I’m also all about borrowing maternity clothes from my fashionable friends 🙂

  3. Whoever said a pregnant woman cannot wear her old clothes is deeply mistaken. A pregnant woman can wear her old clothes for as long as they fit and she is ready to rock them on her pregnant belly. People cannot stress enough that pregnancy is not a disease so pregnant women do not have to lose their sense and love for fashion over a big belly. Stars rock their big bellies on the red carpet so there is no reason why you should not.

  4. I am 5 1/2 months right now and am in desperate need of maternity clothes! I’ve been pushing my pre-pregnancy clothes to the limit. I’m carrying my 3rd child and gave away all my previous maternity clothes. I’m still waiting for everyone to return them! I just can’t bring myself to buy until my 3rd trimester, when I classically get HUGE!!

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