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Hurricane Sandy… Here She Comes

When Irene was making her way up to NY, I was in a PANIC. I made videos about how we were preparing, my anxiety attacks, and the after-effects on the town. Tornados actually touched down several times blocks away from my house. Trees were uprooted. It was INSANE.

Now that Sandy is en route, I’m trying not to go there. Instead, I’m actually avoiding the weather channel at all costs and am just concentrating on the moment. It’s not here yet – so I’m not going to worry about.

Yes, I’ve become an ostrich.

I was immobilized with Irene. I didn’t leave my house for days because I was so consumed with the media. I won’t go there again.

However, my husband is now in control. He bought a generator – a $700 generator!! I’m like… the freaking power BETTER GO OUT. (just kidding – but that’s a lot of money!!) His parents also came over with a ton of stuff and we have a gas stove – so I think we can hold out for a week if need be.

Hopefully, we won’t lose power for that long. But if it happens – we are as prepared as can be.

If I wasn’t on bed rest, I would do more. But I have to give this one up and let it go. There’s NOTHING I can do at this point.

Are you on the East Coast? How are you handling Sandy?

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  1. Here in Hampton Roads, VA one of our bridges is partly underwater and they had to close one of the tunnels for a while last night. The tunnel is back open this morning, so I guess it didn’t rain as much last night as they were expecting. It’s nasty, but alas, I’m off to work this morning. 🙁 Yesterday morning before it even got nasty they closed all the local schools. It’s just really windy and wet. It’s stay inside with hot chocolate and a good book weather.
    Stay safe! Maybe, if nothing else, you’ll just get wind and rain and the possible (non-sticking) snow they’re predicting for us tonight, due to the storm rolling through. Snow is fun. Well, when you don’t have to shovel it anyway. 🙂

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