A Peek At Long Island Post Hurricane Sandy

hurricane sandy long island nassau

I had to go to the doctor yesterday (more on that in a bit) and finally had a chance to drive around my town to see what kind of impact Hurricane Sandy had on my Long Island neighborhood. I will tell you this – these pictures were taken in about 3 min. I think we drove onto 4 or 5 blocks and then we had to get out of our town and hit a main road. There is no way through. Every road is blocked.

hurricane sandy long island nassau

Almost every block has a house with a tree on it.

hurricane sandy long island nassau

hurricane sandy long island nassau

One huge oak after the other – ripped out of the ground because of Hurricane Sandy. It’s just unbelievable – still. And mind you – this is DAYS after the storm. My friends told me the town was C-R-A-Z-Y the very next day. Half of the blocks I saw had only the stumps left. My village is working OVERTIME to correct this situation. They are really doing an amazing job at getting us back online.

hurricane sandy long island nassau

And then there were corners where 7,8,9 trees were down at once. I’m so surprised there were no fatalities in my neck of the woods.

hurricane sandy long island nassau

I can hear the workers taking down more trees as we speak. My road is blocked on both sides. Luckily, we have a cross road that we can exit from. What a week.


UPDATE- more pics here.

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  1. Wow. The devastation is so far-reaching with this storm. I’m grateful you’re ok, and that no one in your community was hurt. Everything else can be rebuilt. xo

  2. glad ya’ll are ok! Oaks are the worse because they don’t have deep roots 🙁 at least you have power!

  3. Glad you and your family are okay. I’m afraid that some parts of the East Coast, especially the barrier islands and coastal area of New Jersey may never be the same. A lot of history has been lost.

  4. Hi sorry to bother you.I have family in Massapequa Park.How did the Hurricane affect that town.Thanks.I’m glad you are safe.

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