The Walking Dead: What The Heck Happened This Week?! #walkingdead


Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see this week’s The Walking Dead? Bill and I watched it last night and couldn’t believe what was happening!!!

T-Dog died which was bad enough and pretty shocking on it’s own. But that was NOTHING compared to LORI DYING. And not only did she die while giving birth to her child…BUT SHE WAS ripped open for an emergency c-section and then SHOT BY HER SON CARL.

What the heck just happened?? Just when I thought The Walking Dead couldn’t shock me anymore…

Now – granted – I disliked Lori’s character from the VERY beginning. Every Walking Dead episode would make me hate her more. Sorry but it’s true. So, I’ve been wanting a walker to bite her for years. Again – sorry it’s true.

But to actually SEE HER DIE was unbelievable! I couldn’t believe the writers did it! They actually did it.

That goodbye scene between Carl and Lori was heartbreaking. I started to cry hard. HOWEVER, when Rick found out that his wife died and when he looked over to Carl and started to weep on his own… well, I just lost it. I practically started dry heaving.

GREAT LAST SCENE. Rick really brought it home.

And this isn’t even the finale?! I can’t wait to see what is in store this season….


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  1. I’m so glad you did a post on this!! It was unbelievable!!!! I can’t believe they did all that and it’s not even the season finale! It was super intense and I cried so much at the end… I also wasn’t a fan of lori’s but I was still sad to see her go. The scene between her and carl was heartbreaking.. Especially since her and Carl haven’t been on good terms ever since the farm. And Rick’s reaction? Omg… It was just so sad. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Although I’m really not a huge fan of the ‘governor’, michone (sp?!) or Andrea, I’m really not liking that story line but well see where it goes. At the rate they’re going there’s not going to be any people left to carry the show!!

  2. I agree! So shocking! And the guy who plays Sheriff Rick just earned his Emmy nomination. I usually can barely watch even suspense films, let alone horror movies. But I’m addicted to Walking Dead!

  3. It was so sad! I cried, too! But it didn’t show Carl shoot her. Maybe he couldn’t do it and she will show up in an another episode as a walker and kill someone else. lol.

  4. Yayyyyyyy!!! Someone who shares my Walking Dead addiction!!!! And know what? I hated Lori too!! I wanted to see her go but OMG….this was too much!! I cried and cried……not because she died, but because I felt so bad for Carl and Rick! I pity the fool who messes with Rick from here on out!!! lol. The show is great, the writing is awesome and every week it just like watching a season finale! I am always left wondering how the heck they are gonna top what they just did and they always do.

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