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Today Is My 11 Year Wedding Anniversary

11 freaking years? How old am I? That just doesn’t seem possible. I mean… really? 11 big ones!  But here we are – celebrating all that we have and all that is to come. I’m very grateful for having met Bill. I truly believe he changed my life.

Who would have thought it? In 1998, we were just two kids hanging out at TGIF with friends while going to school at U Albany. He was so VERY FUNNY and I was so very in love. That boy is LUCKY he snagged me. LOL! 🙂 teasing.

Anyway – bed rest has limited our anniversary activities. I have a feeling it will be a day filled with Starbucks, bacon, a Redbox movies, and some fun with the kids. I’m going to have Bill fish out our wedding album to show the kids. I will take pics of a few of those pics and post!! 🙂

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