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Pregnancy Update: All Is Well

On Saturday, I went back to the hospital to do some more monitoring and to take another FFN test. Thankfully, it came out negative which means the odds of me delivering within the next 2 week are minimal to none. Monitoring showed no contractions as well.


In other news, I went to Google to see about getting a pic of the FFN test so I can use it on this post… and I found Natalie in the mix. How strange!

Anyway – I’m continuing to do bed rest as recommended. I actually have cervical exam appointment this morning. I’ve never been poked or prodded so much in my life!  Actually,I guess that’s not true. Liam’s ride was a little worse.

Either way, we are chugging along. I’m in the middle of my 26th week – in viability range. Can’t ask for more. Thanks to everyone who is commenting and sending me emails. Your prayers and thoughts are MUCH appreciated. 🙂 Always.

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  1. Glad everything is well. Feel good.

  2. Sending prayers your way! I hope all continues to go well. Best wishes!

  3. Sending prayers your way! I hope all continues to go well. Best wishes!

    (Not sure if the first comment went through. Sorry if this is a duplicate!)

  4. Glad to hear you are okay xoxo

  5. So happy for you…you’re almost at 28 weeks…not much longer to go!

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