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Fall Must-Have Boots: Aerosoles Sarasota Boots

Every Fall, I get excited for boot season. There’s something about the basics and beauty of jeans tucked into a pair of great boots that few things can be compared to. The challenge, though, is finding a boot that looks chic and not too casual, that’s super comfortable and that can go with most outfits, including dresses.

I present to you…Aerosoles Sarasota Boots.

I have these in dark brown and, besides black, dark brown is THE most versatile color for a boot. If you’re used to wearing all black, this is a safe but perfect venture into color. The height of a basic boot is also very very important. These fall just above the calf so they don’t make your legs look chunky. They highlight one of the slim parts of your leg, which is always fun.

One of the best things about this boot?

There’s an itty bitty wedge heel. This gives you the aesthetic benefit of a heel, without the back pain. It also makes the boot dressier than an flat boot. This means that you can wear it to the office with a skirt or dress. I also LOVE the buckles on the side.They’re done in brushed ancient gold. It gives it just enough metal to give the boot personality.

Feature you’re going LOVE: There are 2 zippers on the inner side of the Sarasota boot. One is to get into the boot and the other is to give it a little extra room. If you often have issues finding boots to fit around your calves, this is for you. When the zipper is down, you get an entire extra inch or so of breathing room!

Click here to check out the Sarasota boots at Aerosoles.

Tabitha St. Bernard

Company sent product for review.

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  1. you are right love the 2 zippers – boots can be a challange for me – thanks!

  2. How would they be in the snow or if they got wet?

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