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Happy 4th Of July!! (Me In 1983 As The Statue Of Liberty)



Every weekend, my mom and I would hop on the train and head in Manhattan to run errands when I was a child. We lived about 8 minutes away from midtown – not really a big deal. So, we have a ba-billion pictures of us making memories all over town.

My mom posted this shot of me from 1983 taking a picture as the Statue of Liberty. I’m pretty sure they used to charge for those shots. Wonder why they don’t have those cut outs anymore?! LOL

Anyway, I’m sure this was either before or after hitting up Conway and Odd Lot – our favorite haunts. I’m pretty sure every article of clothing I owned was from one or the other.

Today, we are heading out with several of our friends to celebrate the 4th. Will post pictures over the weekend.

Have a wonderful 4th of July!!

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  1. love this photo!!

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