I’ll Be Wearing Spandex Pants To The NYC Vendy Awards: Must Taste Everything!! #MessyYetTasty @Tide


So…. let me get this straight. There’s going to be a designated area in NYC on Saturday where food trucks will meet and show off their best dishes for all to try out. And all I have to do is buy a ticket and come hungry?

Um… yeah I’m IN!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you KNOW how excited I am to be headed to the 2013 NYC Vendy Awards with my family? My stomach is growling just thinking about it!! I should stop eating RIGHT NOW just to prepare myself. I mean – it’s my DUTY to try it all RIGHT? I have to give everyone a fair chance? It’s the right thing to do. 🙂



Tide to Go will be at the Vendy Awards with their (wait for it) “Stainbulance” to help us messy eaters take care of any stains that we might produce while chowing down on our favorite grub. Tide to Go works best on ketchup, BBQ sauce, grape juice, tomato juice, coffee, soda, chocolate syrup, tea and wine.

For the first time in NYC this year– attending vendors will be able to vie for the “Messy Yet Tasty Award,” sponsored by Tide to Go®, which will be awarded to the truck with the messiest fare. I AM DYING! My kids are going to love trying to pick out the winner of this category. 🙂

Are you free on the 7th?? Come on down and wear your whitest whites! Put Tide to Go to the TEST while feasting on the best of what NYC has to offer in the food truck category. Oh my goodness – Saturday cannot come quick enough!

* I am working with Tide to Go to help promote their involvement with the Vendy Awards.

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