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A Quick Chat With Audrey McClelland (And My Take On The Fit Bit) VIDEO

I’ve been using the Fit Bit for a few days and there are some major pros and cons I’ve seen. Audrey and I shot a video call. For some reason it’s only showing MEEEEEEEEEEEE??? I have no idea why – but here’s our conversation.

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  1. https://help.fitbit.com/customer/portal/articles/898903-how-does-fitbit-know-how-many-calories-i-ve-burned-

    Hey Vera! Just posted this link that explains all the crazy calories you burned lol. I hope that helps. I have the clip one so I see my calories I burned before I even get out of bed. So yeah it would be more accurate if you log your activities but I just ignore that feature and go by steps and how active me minutes are. Take care.

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