I’m from Astoria, Queens — the capital of Greece (here in America that is). Needless to say I am VERY picky when it comes to my Greek takeout. And ever since moving to Long Island it’s been one disappointment after the other. I’ve decided I have to learn how to make some of my favorite dishes on my own. I can’t rely on the local places that will deliver to me anymore!! So the hunt begins…

Here’s a few great Greek recipes to get you started:


1. Pulled Lamb Sandwiches (recipe here) // 2. Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatkiki (recipe here) // 3. Loaded Greek Goddess Chickpea Pita Chips (recipe here) // 4. Vegan Greek Salad (recipe here) // 5.  Lamb Sliders (recipe here) // 6.  Greek Salmon Salad (recipe here) // 7.  Skordalia (recipe here) //

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