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T-Rex Restaurant In Downtown Disney: A MUST-DO (Video Of Meteor Shower Included)





Why aren’t there more T-Rex restaurants around the country? Specifically in NY?! We need dinosaurs too you know!! 🙂

Every year my family heads down to Disney and EVERY YEAR we make sure that we have a reservation at T-REX. It is so much FUN! Natalie is even wearing a sweatshirt that we bought two trips ago (I bought it in a bigger size so she can get more usage out of it). We packed it especially for this meal. The kids were anticipating this lunch as much as the parks.


trex-disney2As you know – this trip we brought along Bill’s parents, my mother and my first cousin. So we had a huge party. Luckily, the restaurant can accommodate just about anything you throw at it.

trex-disneyI didn’t know how Caleb would react to the meteor showers that happened every 20 minutes – but he was just fine. If you have a little one that you are concerned about, steer clear of the ice room (where we sat).

Have you ever eaten at T-Rex before? Do we need to start a petition to make the owners open up more locations!?! I think so!!!

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  1. love the Guac Burger!!

  2. Looks awesome, however, I do not recall having seen this restaurant.
    Is this Disney World or Land?

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