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Challenge: Shop Your Pantry (VIDEO)

Guys — I’m doing this all week long and I’m throwing it out there to see if you’d like to do the same. Dinner was pretty interesting tonight but it worked and we didn’t spend a penny which was exactly the POINT. Check out what I’m talking about and let me know if you have any tips. I need all the help I can get. 🙂

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Bill is a guy trying to be dad and husband while running an online media company at home with his wife. Piece of cake.


  1. I do the same as you…I buy the same 30 things in rotation at the store and make the same 20 or so recipes over and over. I think in addition to shopping my pantry I may also try to buy one new item every few weeks and make a new recipe with it. I’m in such a recipe rut.

  2. I do once a month grocery shopping. The only thing i will go buy a during the month is milk and if my son needs something for school. We were over spending and wasting to much food in our house. Now we use up most of what we have. A good recipe to make is shepherds pie since you can use whatever vegtables you have on hand. We also do some fried rice and buy different types of beans. I buy more foods now that will last longer instead of large amounts of perishables that would go bad before we could use them. I buy a lot of canned or frozen veggies and in the summer we have a garden. Good luck

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