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How To Make Artichokes: Easy Family Recipe (VIDEO)

Ready for a funny story? I made these amazing, juicy, yummy, delicious artichokes for a pot luck that I went to over the weekend. They were OH SO GOOD. Had one before I went because I am OBSESSED. When I got to the party, I thought they were a little cold… so I put them in the oven to warm them up. AND I LEFT THEM IN TOO LONG AND TOTALLY BURNED THEM.

So I spent like $25 on artichokes to cook for my friends only to BURN THEM MINUTES BEFORE SERVING THEM. UGH!!!!!!!!!

Anyway – if you want to know my grandmother’s recipe – here it is. I love making these artichokes. They are healthy and delicious.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.03.46 AM

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  1. what a easy and healthy way to cook a artichoke. my cousin just told me how good they are for you . I could eat two myself thanks for the step by step

  2. This artichoke recipe looks divine! Looks very easy to do too.

    I have to ask where you find artichokes that you don’t have to wash first. Ones I have ever bought had to be washed inside and out because there was a lot of dirt visible in and out. My husband would have loved this recipe. He used to make stuffed artichokes, and you are right, lots of calories.

    Thanks!! Germaine

  3. This is very similar to ones that my grandmother and mom always made. To make them even better, chop up little pieces of Parmesan or Romano cheese and place them amongst the leaves along with the parsley and garlic. I also peel the stems and add them to the water. They’re great, once they’re tender. After eating all the leaves, don’t forget to use a spoon and eat the most succulent part, which is the heart. Just remove the “hairy” part first!

  4. I place JUMBO artichokes in my pressure cooker, drizzle with lemon juice add 2 cups water.
    cook on high for 15 minutes and let stand in unopened cooker for 15-20 minutes

  5. I like to steam mine on the stove. I put a bay leaf in the water for flavor, place artichokes over a steam rack, drizzle with olive oil, cover and cook on med heat for one hour. I serve them with aioli sauce or melted garlic butter.

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