Dyson is releasing two new vacuum cleaners this year that are completely cordless and set to change the way you vacuum. Dyson is known for making vacuum cleaners that top the market. They hold expertise in robotic, electrical thermal, thermo dynamics, testing and software engineering. They are also the only vacuum cleaner manufacturer with an in-house microbiology team. This means that they are constantly doing research on their machines and developing the latest technology to help you clean your home better.

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I tested a couple on all kinds of messes like dirt and pet hair. I tested out the DC58 which is their most powerful handheld vacuum. This machine is not only super light, it contains extension compartments that enable you to reach ceiling fans and really high corners. Other cleaners hold the bulk of the weight (3.5lbs) at the end. This means that pressure is placed on your upper arm and wrist when holding it up. The DC58 keeps the weight closer to your hand, balancing it out and making it feel much lighter. The clean time is about 26 minutes. It also has a super hygienic dirt removal system. Just push a button and you’re done. No messy bags! This one retails for $249.99 and is available come February.

pic4 (Copy)I tested the Dyson Digital Slim DC59. This one is perfect for apartment living. It’s so skinny that it can fit into really small spaces. It’s super lightweight (4.65lbs) but has 3x the suction power of a conventional cleaner. The kicker? This one is cordless. That means that you can seamlessly go from one room to the other without having to worry about finding a socket and getting the cord caught in furniture. This one also lasts for 26 minutes. I love that the DC59 comes with a docking station that can be mounted on the wall. This means more room on the floor. The DC59 retails for $499.99 and is available this February.

hair (Copy)Dyson is set to continue dominating the vacuum cleaner market with the DC59 and the DC58. For more information on these machines, click here.

pic2 (Copy)Fun Fact: Dyson prototypes are drop-tested 10,000 times. I wonder who got that job.

Tabitha St. Bernard



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