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Cycloramic: Can We Talk About This Freaking Awesome App?

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On Sunday, I went to my friend’s house for a Super Bowl party and she came running right up to me talking about this “new app” that she “KNEW” I would love. I was intrigued to say the least because I am a tech junkie at the core and was DYING to hear about it.

Apparently, Jen saw Cycloramic on Shark Tank earlier in the week and downloaded it to her iPhone immediately. The app ($1.99) takes a 360 degree picture of the room. Everyone stays very still while the phone FREAKING SPINS AROUND ON A FLAT SURFACE. Yes. It. Happened.

I saw it. I almost fell on the floor. But I didn’t want to fall on the floor because then I wouldn’t be in the picture. O-M-G.

Check it out.

Isn’t this super?

You can save the file to your phone and upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram – you name it. AMAZING!! Now everyone can be in the shot. LOVED IT!

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  1. A friend had this app last year. Very fun. The inventor was on Shark Tank just recently.

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