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Blogger Bash-The Big Toy Book Sweet Suite 2014

Toys, toys and more toys! The Big Toy Book Sweet Suite was a smashing success, showcasing toys of every imaginable type. Looking for a toy with a purpose? They had it. Simple figurines from your favorite show? Yup. They had it. Video Games. They had it. Legos. Um…of course they had it. Here is a peek at the toys that grabbed my attention at The Big Toy Book Sweet Suite.

Best Toy With A Purpose- Goldie Blox

I love anything that teaches girls that they can be anything they want to be. Goldie Blox, winner of the 2 Toy Of The Year awards for 2014, does just that. Debbie Sterling, a Stanford engineer, created this toy because she found there was a lack of building toys for little girls. Available at Toys R Us, Goldie Box is a unique system comprised of figurines, sticks and blocks that enable girls (and boys) to build whatever they like. Most of the sets are priced below $30 so this makes it pretty affordable.


Best Tech Toy-Tiggly

Kids are becoming more and more addicted to technology. We can either fight it or find ways to teach them in different ways with it. Tiggly does just that. Tiggly is part app, part toy. They are interactive ipad toys. Your little one can play the app on your ipad and match the toy shapes with shapes on the screen. They can make circles, squares, triangles, etc. This helps your child develop fine motor skills that aren’t just limited to touching something on a screen.


Best Adult-Friendly Toy- Sands Alive!

Most kids toys are fun but can be annoying, especially for clean up. Sands Alive! takes the price for being the most adult-friendly. I literally stood there playing with this for ages. It’s pretty much artificial sand that you can make different things with. The difference is that it is so soothing to play with. The texture is soft and squishy but not icky. The clean-up in a breeze. It doesn’t get into the carpet like sand would. It clumps together and you can use a bigger piece of it to pick up tiny pieces. It’s also super fun. You can make all sorts of cool shapes with it. Sands Alive! is sold at major retailers, like Target.

4 sand

Best Exercise Toy- Leap Band

From the makers of Leap Frog comes this exercise wristband for kids. Getting kids to get up and exercise may be a challenge with the allure of video games. Leap Band makes it easy with a wristband that prompts your child to do different exercises. They can track their activities and do different challenges on the band. It’s a super cool way for kids to stay fit. leap band

Best Zombie Toy- Razor

I LOVE this scooter from Razor! How cool are these zombie hands? This is one of those things that makes you wonder why no-one thought of it sooner. I love that kids can imagine they are zombies while riding.

razor Rooibee Red Tea were there to keep us hydrated and boy was it delicious! I usually don’t like bottled iced tea because it tastes slightly metallic but this one was different. The flavors were yummy and the tea was light and refreshing. Now, they even have kid-size bottles to keep the little ones refreshed. 2 teaThe Big Toy Book Sweet Suite at the Blogger Bash is probably where Santa did his preliminary shopping for the season. All the best brands were present and it was so much fun perusing them.

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