How To Prevent Kids From Locking Doors

I’ve had a few scary moments at home where one of my kids locked themselves inside their bedrooms. One time, I was in such a panic, that I rushed over to my neighbor’s house for some help. Natalie was so little and she was in the bathroom and there was water running. I was in tears. I couldn’t think. I seriously almost called 911 because I just kept visualizing the worst possible outcome.

My neighbor was able to pick the lock because he had steadier hands than mine. Thank you Jesus!! In that moment, I realized that my husband and I needed to think of a few different hacks to combat locks while our little ones were so young.

Locked doors are necessary – of course! But sometimes, you want to make it a little bit harder for them to figure out. Every second counts, right?

This locked door hack can buy you some time. All you need is a rubber band and 5 seconds. Take a look and let me know if you’ve ever tried it out.

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