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A Lesson About Planning Ahead For Vacations: Spoiler Alert – Do It

Last weekend, I headed down to DC with 4 other families for a few days and had such an amazing time. Two of the women pictured above are my travel companions. I go with them everywhere. I think 6 out of my last 6 trips have been with them. I love doing it too! We all mesh so well together. It literally just WORKS. One of them LOVES to plan out itineraries. She is completely Type-A and has such a kick a** job during the week. I cannot figure out how she has the time to do it! But, we are lucky she does because vacationing with her is a BREEZE. Our days are easy and full and amazing and this last trip to DC solidified a thought for me. I will never go away without being 100% organized and preplanned. 

Usually, when I travel, I pick my flight. I pick my hotel. And then I land. That’s it. I don’t know what I am doing for LUNCH – forget about the next few days. And that’s how you miss things. That’s how you waste away a vacation. If it’s a beach vacation – OF COURSE, I WON’T PLAN ANYTHING. However, if we hit up a city, I will know where I am going before we get there.

Take a look at our itinerary. Yes, I am sharing with you our EXACT Washington DC itinerary. IN fact, I think you should just copy this if you ever want to head down. It was PERFECTION.

I want to note – you have to apply for the White House tour at least two to three months out? Email your congressmen/woman. You cannot just show up. There is a process that is in place. We were lucky enough to be able to do the tour. Do not expect to just get in – it doesn’t happen like that. 

When we drove down on Friday night, we knew that everything was set for Saturday morning. Our breaks were perfectly scheduled. It was easy. Nobody was running around like crazy. She even worked out the TRAIN SYSTEM. WHAT???????

And do you know what it led to??? A PERFECT VACATION! It felt like I was on a MAJOR tour – like with a bus and a guide. Except we were on our own and with our best friends. Just hanging out and having the best time.

We actually joked that our friend needed a large sign and an umbrella so we could follow her around like tourists. Whatever! LOL I would have done it. 

It was such a great time away with our friends and it was so easy because time was spent before we headed down planning out our days. We even spent an evening bowling so the kids could get a little break from history. Bliss! 

So, my advice to you is simple. Take the time and plan out your city trips. It will make a world of a difference. And if you are heading to Washington DC, just use the itinerary above! 🙂

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