Ok, folks. I did something totally drastic last week. I decided to give my hair a break and I darkened it like crazy! I don’t know what came over me, but when I sat down with my stylist, I told her to get rid of all the YELLOW. The last two times I highlighted my hair, they went too light. It was hard to keep up. My roots would show instantly and I hated that! So, I opted for a change and BOY was it a big one. In case you forgot what my hair looked like – here is a pic from my birthday.

You can see what I am talking about here. I am straight up HAY YELLOW. It isn’t a good color for me or my skin. It felt so unnatural. And look, I know that I am unnatural because I color my hair to begin with… but this was too much. I opted for more lowlights than not. I wanted to really give my locks a break. But now… I’m not so sure!

You can see how much brown they put it. I have completely changed my look. Am I used to it yet? NOOOOOOOOOO. I’ve been blonde for ten+ years. This new look makes me doubletake every time I walk by a mirror. If I am being honest with you, I think I am going to go back the next time and have them put more low based blonde in. It’s just too much brown for me to handle. BUT I do like that I am darker. I really wasn’t feeling all that yellow.

What do you think? EEK! Do you prefer blonde or brown???

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