Ok, friends. I signed up for Earny a few weeks ago and have been so happy with the service. It is free to use but it almost feels like they are paying ME for all of their hard efforts. So, what is Earny all about? Let me break this down for you nice and easy –>

  • You shop online with a credit card that is registered with Earny
  • Earny continuously checks to see if those items go on sale
  • Earny contacts companies on your behalf and asks for a refund
  • You receive credit back to your original credit card
  • BOOM!

I mean it doesn’t get easier than that. The hardest part is setting up your account and that isn’t hard at all. Everything else pretty much works without you doing anything. I just love it!

Have you heard on Earny before? I am so glad that I signed up during the holiday season because I do a TON of online shopping this time of the year. But let’s be honest, I am an Amazon Prime FANATIC. Last night, I bought erasable pens with Prime. ERASABLE PENS!!! That’s how committed I am to the concept. LOL! Earny just doesn’t work on bulk purchases. Every single thing you buy gets checked.

Click here to get started.

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