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Banda Bibs

Not the traditional bib you may have in mind, Banda Bibs are stylish drool catchers you can use for function or as a groovy accent to baby’s outfit. Made of 100% cotton with a flannel backing, each bib stays put with a comfortable velcro closure.  Lots of fun styles to choose from!  $12 at

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Reynolds’ New Baked For You StayBrite Baking Cups

I was recently invited to snack on finger sandwiches and tea at Greenwich Village’s Sweetie Pie restaurant with the women who know cupcakes. Reynold’s sponsored the event to announce their new fashionable line of Baked for You StayBrite baking cups that serve a multi-functional purpose. Often times when we bake cupcakes, we find ourselves doubling up on cupcake liners, just to see that cute Sponge Bob design fade away into…

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Whole Foods Market Teams Up With Chef Jehangir Mehta To Create ‘The Kids Food Adventure’

Whole Foods Market and Chef Jehangir Mehta, “The Next Iron Chef” runner-up and executive chef/owner of Graffiti Food & Wine Bar in New York City, have joined forces to create The Kids Food Adventure with Chef Jehangir Mehta, a series of hands-on classes to encourage parents and children to be more adventurous with food while making healthy choices. Mehta kicks off the multi-city class tour in New York City at…

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Inside The Kitchen: My Pasta With Broccoli, Garlic And Oil Recipe

Ok. So, you know when you play that game where you say what you would request to eat as your last meal if you were ever on death row? What? Just me and my friends play that game? Anyway, the dish I would request is pasta with broccoli, garlic and oil. I order whenever I go to a restaurant. I cook it whenever Bill isn’t eating home (because he doesn’t…

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Here’s a nifty way to reduce your waste. These food-grade stainless steel lunchboxes pack a lot of room with its clever 3-in-1 compartments that consolidate when packed! These lunchboxes keep food and snacks separate from each other – perfect for kids and adults who hate to have their food touch! Dishwasher safe, available in rectangle and oval styles. $22 at  A sample was provided for this review.

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