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Bordeaux Whites

Match Made in Heaven: White Bordeaux Food Pairing Guide

With the summer heating up, cool things down with a refreshing White Bordeaux. Whether you’re into sweet whites or lean more toward the dry and citrusy, here’s a handy guide for pairing your new favorite white with some seasonal summer…

Baked Nutella Mini Pies

Baked Nutella Mini Pies Recipe: Getting Gorgeous In The Kitchen

Nutella Lovers UNITE!! I have a fantastic recipe to share with you today for my ‘Getting Gorgeous In The Kitchen’ post. It’s a scrumptious recipe for Baked Nutella Mini Pies. WHA-WHAT? Are you kidding me? You can thank me later…


Carvel Announces New Ice Cream Flavor – Nutella!!!!

Party people. Carvel just stepped up their game BIG time this summer. They launched a brand new ice cream flavor and they plucked it right out of my dreams. I’m talking the good stuff. NUTELLA. Hear me now. Nutella Ice…