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Today’s Obsession: 296 Chocolate Recipes

I know my “Today’s Obsession” posts usually revolve around fashion, but since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner I thought today should be all about CHOCOLATE. I did a little round up and was able to collect almost 300…


How To Make Artichokes: Easy Family Recipe (VIDEO)

Ready for a funny story? I made these amazing, juicy, yummy, delicious artichokes for a pot luck that I went to over the weekend. They were OH SO GOOD. Had one before I went because I am OBSESSED. When I…


Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipe Ideas

My husband and I stopped going out on Valentine’s day because the prices in NYC city triple that weekend. And we (as a city) are priced SO HIGH to begin with! So… instead we do special little things at home….

How To Make Cheater Chicken Soup: The Video Recipe !

Yup – that’s me actually making dinner. It happens sometimes. Not all the time – don’t get used to it. But on a full moon… you can find me by the stove crafting something up for the family. Here’s my…