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Getting Gorgeous In The Kitchen: Baked Chicken Cutlets Recipe

Can everyone please remind me to get a manicure over the weekend? So, when I post my ‘Getting Gorgeous in the Kitchen‘ posts…. I WON’T HAVE HORRIBLE NAILS IN THE SHOTS! Oh my goodness!!! I am apologizing in advance for…


Getting Gorgeous In The Kitchen: Cookie Cups

Talk about a super fun way to have your milk and cookies, right? I just love this idea and my kids did too!! The recipe is easy enough. All you have to follow the instructions below. If you don’t want to…


How To Make Cheese Straws: Easy Recipe And OH So Good

Cheese Straws Recipe!! Yummy!! Looking for an easy appetizer recipe? This one will knock your socks off without forcing you to spend a lot of time in the kitchen slaving in front of the oven. And I LOVE the fact…