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A Seasoned Mom’s Must Have Baby Gear Guide, Part 1: Latest and Greatest Additions to the Baby Gear Scene

Jessica and Samantha here again with more must have gear for your growing family. Now that we have a couple years of Mom-ing under our belts and are adding more kids to our baby squad we’re combing the market for the latest and greatest baby gear to hit the scene to make your life with kids as fun, functional and fashionable as possible. Here’s some of our favorite products out on the…

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White Chocolate Wishbones Recipe: Thanksgiving Treats For Kids
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White Chocolate Wishbones Recipe: Thanksgiving Treats For Kids

White Chocolate Wishbones – what a perfect treat to have ready for your guests this Thanksgiving. Super creative… but easy to do. Right up our alley. Growing up, I vividly remember fighting my cousins for the wishbone on Thanksgiving day. It just doesn’t happen anymore. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a bit of a crazy thing to do if you actually stop and THINK about it. Either way, the tradition…

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Redecorating Your House? Then You Need This Doormat #Etsy

I am literally cracking up!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I just love ETSY – you find the most creative and witty peple. I stumbled upon a shop owner who needs to become my FRIEND. Check out this doormat that is currently available for purchase: If you’re Amazon, a babysitter, or Joanna Gaines we’re home! YESSSSS! As you know, I’ve spent the last few weeks redecorating my entire house – room by…

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Woven Wonders: Chic Home Decor To Spruce Up Your House

If you only knew what I’ve been doing to my house lately — you would be SHOCKED! I didn’t film any of it because I was knee-deep in chaos, but I actually completely rearranged my entire HOUSE. And you know what? It looks fantastic! I need to pick up a few more pieces to complete my new design, but overall, I am so HAPPY with the new arrangement. If you…

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Disney’s Cars 3 Free Printables: Download Your Family Activity Sheets Here #Cars3
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Interview With James Gunn And Kevin Feige #GOTGVol2Event
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Sneak Peek: Ikea’s New 2011 Storage Collection

Lady and the Blog attended the launch of Ikea’s new 2011 catalog in the US and saw all the interesting new products that will be in stores and online. Ikea has always been the New Yorker’s savior because living in New York City means living in a smaller space than you’d like. Ikea provides tons of storage solutions and space saving options so your home can look inviting and cosy…

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Sneak Peek: Pier 1 2010 Holiday Line

I have long dreamt of living in a Pier 1 store. I love their use of color and scents. They always have beautiful pieces inspired by the cultures of different countries and I love that they carry earthy materials like real wood and bamboo. Lady and the Blog got a peek at what will be in stores this holiday season and it promises to be everything you love about Pier…

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