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Chic Way To Store Laundry Detergent

Last night, I was lurking on Twitter and came across this picture from Bergdorf Goodman (of all profiles). Check out the way they suggested to store laundry detergent. While I couldn’t find the exact item online, I did find an Italian Glass Bottle that offers the same feel. Nice way to think outside the box. Etsy also had a cute glass bottle that is dying to be displayed. Next time…

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4 Great Weight Loss Tips For The New Year

If you are anything like me, you… didn’t hold back this holiday season. I’m talking sheer gluttony. I knew I would be paying for my activity this week, and I am prepared to hop right back on that wagon. If you are in need of some great weight loss tips for the New Year, I have four! Turn the TV off. Mindless eating is just that! You aren’t really processing…

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The Most Slimming Jeans Ever: Tips For Any Body Type

Shape Magazine did a little research this month and figured out the answer to one of the most important fashion question of my time: What jeans will make me look skinny?! TELL ME PLEASE!!! 🙂 {deep breaths} Here’s a quick round up of Shape’s executive style director, Jacqui Stafford choices breaking it down by body type: Athletic, Curvy and Petite Athletic– Many women with athletic figures tend to have muscular…

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In A Pinch? Try e-Gift Cards! No Shipping And Instant Gratification

Sometimes a person you were supposed to buy a gift for just slips your mind. Instead of making the dreaded mall run at 1AM on Christmas Eve, consider e-Gift Cards. They are electronic and literally easier than giving money! I mean – who carries around large bundles of cash these days? If I have $5 on me, it’s practically a miracle. With one click of your mouse you will be…

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Wisk Helps Out With My Morning Routine

Wisk did it again! We’ve already combatted grass stains and Liam’s ketchup painting but today we are focusing on LIP GLOSS! Lip gloss represents oil stains which also include everything from peanut butter to salad dressings. I was asked to purposely stain a towel and test out the powers of Wisk. And so I did… even though I was afraid of ruining my white hand towel! 😉 There it is!…

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