10 Inspiring Cinco De Mayo Ideas For Your Next Party
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10 Inspiring Cinco De Mayo Ideas For Your Next Party

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner. Are you hosting a party? May 5th will be here before you know it so it’s past time to start planning your big Cinco de Mayo bash. If you are planning on having a few families over this weekend, consider some of these crafty and Pinterest-worthy ideas for your bash. You know I like to keep the skill level LOW when it…

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Caleb had the Best Birthday Pool Party at Goldfish Swim School!!

As I hope you know by now, we signed Caleb up for swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School on Long Island. He goes every week and absolutely loves it – the pool, the design and decoration, the wonderful instructors, and the drills. It’s a lot of fun, but he’s also learning a ton! Since he’s been having so much fun swimming during these cold and bitter months, we figured it would be…

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Celebrate The Big Game By Hosting A Homegating Party With Smirnoff Ice #gamedayready #smirnoffice

With my NY football teams coming painfully short of the playoffs, it was time to switch gears and get into playoff watching, and party planning, mode. What better way to ease the pain than with a fabulous homegating party!!! :0) A great party with amazing food and drinks is just such a wonderful way to spend time with friends while enjoying the game.  People absolutely love it, no matter if they are huge football…

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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water Is Now Out On Digital HD/Blu-ray/DVD!!! (giveaway plus printables) #SummerofSpongeBob

Summer is here! That means days outside, BBQs, amusement parks, and days at the beach! Imagine hanging out with none other than SpongeBob Squarepants himself! My house is a big-time SpongeBob house…from my older kids to Bill and I to Caleb running around saying “Bob Bob.” He’s a staple…and Bikini Bottom seems like some destination!! LOL! I’m hear to let you now that The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water is…

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Thumbprint Guest Book: Perfect For Bridal / Baby Showers

I went to a bridal shower over the weekend and they had the most amazing guest book idea EVER. Instead of the usual, they passed around this thumbprint tree. Guests got to pick one of three ink colors and plop their mark on a branch. Then we signed our names once our print dried. Don’t you LOVE THIS!? I was DYING!! This is definitely a keepsake I wouldn’t mind hanging on…

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Loving This Girl Birthday Party Favor: Affordable And Fun

My daughter went to a girl’s pajama / birthday party last week and came home with the cutest favor! The mom put out bowls of cereal and gave each child a bin from the dollar store. The friends all worked their way around the table and filled up their canister any way they chose. Not only was it an affordable craft that kept the girls occupied for awhile (all 18…

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