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Five Bath Time Tips

There’s nothing better than snuggling up to a clean-smelling baby. And, while bath time can be a super-fun activity in every household, there are some important things to remember when suds-ing up your mini. Read on for bathing tips that’ll…

disney descendants doll review

Disney’s Descendants New Hasbro Doll Line Review

Disney’s “Descendants” is fantastic new show that recently premiered on the Disney Channel! It’s a great show and a wonderful concept. It’s all about the sons and daughters of famous Disney characters like Sleeping Beauty and Mulan. I love it!! To celebrate…


Kid-O-Bunk: Perfect For Sleepovers And Road Trips!

We have a lot of people stay at our house. In fact, my best friend has 5 kids and when they stay over – it’s crazy! People are sleeping on the ceiling! LOL! Well, we were checking out some options…