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Kurio Xtreme Tablet 2 Collage

Kurio Xtreme Is The Ultimate Tablet Built For Kids

The Kurio Xtreme really is the ultimate tablet built for kids, no kidding! It’s pretty amazing…and Caleb, Natalie, and Liam are always fighting to see who will play with it! This awesome little tablet is powered by Android and has…

Shelfie Caleb 1 Collage

Shelfie: The Bathtub Tray for Safer Play!

For as long as there have been bathtubs and toddlers, there have been moms and dads beside the tub with a yucky, soppy towel, catching the overflow. It’s the worst…the mess, the chaos, the laundry afterwards. It never seems to…

Chocolate Bar Maker Toy Review: VIDEO

The Chocolate Bar Maker for Kids is so much FUN. I’m not kidding!! Honestly, this was probably one of the coolest toy I’ve reviewed in a long time. My little ones made their own chocolate bars. The last time we did that,…

Cloud B Cosmic UFO Nightlight Review : VIDEO

Cloud B Cosmic UFO Nightlight Review  My kids each have their very own nightlight. And believe me, they come with us on every single trip we take. It’s always fun to see when a company comes out with a new design….