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What She Wore: J.Jill Side Button Poncho

I am a poncho fanatic. So, when I saw this side button poncho from J. Jill, I just HAD to have it. There’s something so EASY about a look like this. Stretchy pants, a solid shirt and a throw on…

FROZEN Sven Granola Bars

FROZEN Sven Granola Bars: Recipe

FROZEN Sven Granola Bars! Super duper fun! I mean – out of control amazing. Your daughters will go NUTS if they saw these, right? Imagine having a playdate and serving these up. WOWOWOWOOW! Ok – here are the directions in…

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5 Tips For Balancing A Hectic Work and Family Life

Your home is your base, your sanctuary, your safe place. It’s also you place of chaos, of kids, of parties, and of messes. For me, it’s also a place of work and creativity. It can be difficult at times to…