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A Look At The New Baby Jogger City Lite Stroller

Baby Jogger recently debuted their newest lightweight stroller, the City Lite, and it is as functional as it is stylish. The ‘little sister’ of the City Mini, the City Lite weighs just 16 lbs, yet is fully equipped with all…

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890 Summer Activities For The Kids: The Ultimate List

How many camps have you signed your children up for this summer? Are you prepared for the next two months? What will you do during their time off from school? Every mom needs a list of inspiration and BOY DO…

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Daily Diary: The Lemonade Stand That Flopped

  I live on a fairly busy road. I mean… it’s not “city” busy, but we get enough cars to justify a lemonade stand every now and then. The weather was perfect over the weekend and my daughter decided that…