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Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Should Be A Part Of Your Life

I’m a big fan of the new Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin product line, as you can see here. I mean, what’s not to like? A high-quality product that serves a very valuable purpose and actually takes into account your comfort and happiness?…

FROZEN Sven Granola Bars

FROZEN Sven Granola Bars: Recipe

FROZEN Sven Granola Bars! Super duper fun! I mean – out of control amazing. Your daughters will go NUTS if they saw these, right? Imagine having a playdate and serving these up. WOWOWOWOOW! Ok – here are the directions in…

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5 Tips For Balancing A Hectic Work and Family Life

Your home is your base, your sanctuary, your safe place. It’s also you place of chaos, of kids, of parties, and of messes. For me, it’s also a place of work and creativity. It can be difficult at times to…

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Toy/Craft Review: Build Your Own Qixels World (video)

We love crafting in our house. It’s great for spending time together and getting the kids to be creative. All the kids (me included) get involved. While drawing and clay are wonderful, sometimes the kids just need to have something…

D23 EXPO 2015 - D23 EXPO, the ultimate Disney fan event, brings together all the past, present and future of Disney entertainment under one roof. Taking place August 14-16, this year marks the fourth D23 EXPO at the Anaheim Convention Center and promises to be the biggest and most spectacular yet. (Disney/Image Group LA)

Disney in Concert: A Silly Symphony!! #D23Expo

You know I loved the D23 Expo.  It was really an amazing experience and great time. I have to say, a MAJOR highlight for me was when we were lucky enough to attend the Silly Symphony Concert hosted by Leonard Maltin….