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Gloworld Sensory Gloworm

NEW from Playskool – a familiar glowing friend now encourages sensory development! To stimulate and engage baby, the Gloworld Sensory Gloworm features a cute yellow snail for teething, two colorful rings with different textures to feel and yes, to chomp on, and a crinkly flower attached to the Gloworm’s hand. In addition, you can now choose three different modes – soothing, active and glow! For naps and bedtime, or just to calm a fussy…

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Twilight Turtle

Light up the night sky inside your child’s bedroom with the Twilight Turtle from Cloud b! This plush turtle paints a starry sky across the ceiling and walls, with 8 major constellations featured for your little one to identify with their own Star Guide. Your child can choose from 3 soothing colors (amber, blue, and green) to create a peaceful environment while getting ready for slumber. Sure to be your child’s…

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Happy Blankie – ONE To Love ONE To Give

If these smiling, happy faces don’t put a grin on your face, the touching story behind Happy Blankie definitely will! These adorable, oh-so-cuddly blankets from Happy Blankie are sure to make anyone feel loved. Created by CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) David Holdridge at the tender age of 9, Happy Blankies were born out of his younger sisters’ love of both blankets and stuffed animals. David knew that there must be children all over…

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Keeping it Positive Pillowcases

If you’re a fan of affirmations, here’s a great way to spread positive messages.  These pillowcases, available in 4 different colors, are full of empowering and useful messages your tween can read over and over again, helping to shape a happy mind-set.  Cool gift idea that’s under $20. Learn more at A sample was provided for this review.

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BedHead Pajamas for Mommy & Daughter

It’s your daughter’s first slumber party – with Mom! Darling matching pajama sets for mommy and daughter by BedHead Pajamas are simply adorable! With chic, flattering cuts for mom, and snug-fitting, stretchy cotton for her little girl, BedHead Pajamas are perfect for snuggling up together to watch movies, eat popcorn, and have a little “girl talk.” Super comfortable, with a variety of stylish designs to choose from, these jammies make a…

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Monster Vapor and Storm Squasher

Keep the bogeyman at bay and storms away with Monster Vapor & Storm Squasher! Helping to alleviate nighttime fears and defeat those imaginary monsters can be tricky, as many parents know. Why not put the feeling of control back in your child’s hands by arming him or her with the Monster Vapor or Storm Squasher?  Touted as “bravery in a bottle,” both the Monster Vapor and Storm Squasher are made with Organic…

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