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Monster Vapor and Storm Squasher

Keep the bogeyman at bay and storms away with Monster Vapor & Storm Squasher! Helping to alleviate nighttime fears and defeat those imaginary monsters can be tricky, as many parents know. Why not put the feeling of control back in your child’s hands by arming him or her with the Monster Vapor or Storm Squasher?  Touted as “bravery in a bottle,” both the Monster Vapor and Storm Squasher are made with Organic…

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Cool Sets® Wicking Strap Nightgown

Taking a special getaway this Spring? Now you can look hot while feeling cool on your vacation with the Wicking Strap Nightgown by Cool Sets®! This gorgeous nightgown with dainty details is made of exclusive CoolBalance® wicking fabric to keep you feeling fabulous all night long. Moms-to-be will also love how comfortable this special fabric keeps them while sleeping or relaxing. With adjustable straps and lace insets, this flirty little…

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Polar Cuddle Cub

Help soothe your little one to sleep with the Polar Cuddle Cub by Cloud B! Super-soft for extra snuggles, the Polar Cuddle Cub is made with soy fibers and provides a comforting vibratory sensation to help ease your child into slumber. Dedicated to helping young children sleep more soundly, Cloud B is a children’s toy company that is now offering an Endangered Species Series that not only helps make bedtime a pleasant experience, but…

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Teaching Your Child To Self Sooth

By 5 months (on average) your baby should be able to get several solid hours of sleep in a row. This obviously means that you too will be able to catch some zzzzz’s. Your baby just needs a little help learning how to self sooth themselves BACK to sleep when they wake up. The less they depend on you – the less puffy your eyes will be in the morning. …

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Tender Lullabies: Soothing Classic Piano Melodies CD

As parents, getting a good night’s sleep can be fleeting when there is an infant in the home! Developing a bedtime routine early on in the game can be crucial to the entire family resting peacefully at night. To soothe your little one and ease the transition into slumber at bedtime, Tender Lullabies offers a unique solution – a CD featuring melodic classical piano music is set to 60 beats…

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Snuggle with the Snoedel

A Snoedel? Yes, the Dutch word “Snoedel” means to “Snuggle!” The cuddly-soft, 100% cotton flannel Snoedel is a special bonding and sleeping aid for all babies, even premature infants! Infused with “aromatherapy of the very best kind – the scent of Mom,” the Snoedel has been uniquely designed to absorb and retain a mother, father or other caregiver’s scent. Simply place next to the parent for a couple days prior to giving…

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