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WeMo Smart Crock-Pot Review

I’ve been using a crock-pot for ages. Call it cliche’ but it’s true–a slow cooker is a busy mom’s best friend. Or Dad’s. We’re not sexist here. Whoever’s cooking. The crock pot I have been using was an engagement gift….


Harry Potter Audiobooks Are Amazing On (Plus GIVEAWAY) #HearHarryPotter from J.K. Rowling gives Harry Potter fans the chance to experience more from the world of Harry Potter – exploring Harry’s story in an interactive way, and discovering more about unknown parts of the Harry Potter stories including sub-plots, character backstories, and J.K. Rowling’s thoughts as she was writing the…


Crafting And Capturing Life’s Moments With Canon

I love scrapbooking and crafts, because I truly believe it’s a lost art among us, particularly today when technology is so rampant in our lives. I’m guilty of panicking when I’ve misplaced my phone for five minutes (and there have…