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The New Windows Phone

Have you heard of the Windows Phone Operating System? I went to a party celebrating it’s launch and found out a bit more about it. Now, I’m not a techie. I like discovering new, cool things but I’m pretty basic when it comes to technology. I’m sure this phone has tons of cool, intricate features but here are the ones that I think will make my life simpler. The thing…

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Moms With Clumsy Kids – This One Is For You

I can’t take credit for this. My friend Audrey has 4 boys and each of them own one of these. Genius. My kids accidentally drop their DS on a regular basis. They, unfortunately, already broke their Leapster which I am VERY UPSET about. This Nerf case was insurance to make sure that they don’t break any more of their gaming machines. There are a variety of Nerf DS cases to choose from. It actually…

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Students Selling Real Estate… On Their Face To Make Extra Money

Some students in the UK decided that they were going to do whatever it took to pay off their $80,000 debt. Did Ross Harper and Ed Moyse take on a few part-time jobs? Nope! They just started to sell parts of their faces to advertisers. No, I’m not kidding!! is LIVE and OPEN for BUSINESS. Apparently, they’ve been doing pretty well – each cheeks selling for hundreds of dollars…

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Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline Batteries: Just What A Digital Girl Needs

There’s a brand new product out that I have to put on your radar – Rayovac Advanced High Energy Alkaline batteries! If you use digital cameras, mp3 players, video game controllers or LED Flashlights, then this post is for you. Anything that is basically a “high-drain device” needs more from the batteries it uses. Thankfully, you get more power with Rayovac minus the high price tag. The Advanced High Energy Alkaline batteries…

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ENTER TO WIN: Silverlicious For Nintendo DS: My Daughter’s Favorite Books Come To Life

Before Natalie actually knew how to read – she had Pinkalicious memorized. It was (and still is) her absolute favorite book. Her teacher allows the students to bring in books to read to the class every now and then and this series is always Natalie’s top choice. In fact, she sometimes brings home the books from her library … despite the fact that we actually OWN them. Straight. Up. Obsessed….

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My Life Just Got A Little Easier

I used to have the Starbucks card for my keychain… and then it BROKE. I tried to replace it but they didn’t have anymore at my local haunts. Bill put the card in his wallet but this left me without whenever we weren’t together. I was on line in the city last week and saw someone pay with their phone. I paused. I thought. I smiled. I’m NEVER without my…

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