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TMI Tag Video: 50 Questions About Me

Ha! Had a little fun making this one. 50 questions all about me. Do you have a YouTube channel? Why not answer these questions yourself!! My friend Jenny tagged me to do the TMI video and so… here you go!…

Daily Diary: Come Here Baby!! (VIDEO)

I know he is mine… but I get a kick out of this boy. Caleb refuses to crawl. He walks actually!! If we stand him up, my son actually walks. But crawling? Not interested. Here’s what he does instead.

Marimekko Kids Spring Preview NYC 2014 #Marimekkokids

  So much fun! Natalie and I headed into the city this afternoon to check out the Marimekko Kids Spring Preview. We invited our friends Barbara and Morgan from Just Another Manic Mommy and Natalie’s grandma from Groovin Moms. Yes, we…