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Daily VLOG: Boating, Fishing And Friends

I have to be honest with you – now that I’m doing these daily vlogs, I can see how hectic and crazy my life really is. There are hardly any down days. I need an intervention. Or not.:)


Daily VLOG: Christmas In July And An Off Broadway Show

We were so thrilled to check out a musical that two of our friends were in last night! Unfortunately, I couldn’t tape any of it but they did such a great job! Here’s a recap of the day leading up…

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Friendship Friday With Audrey McClelland

I was cracking up when I edited this video. I’m not entirely sure you are going to find it as funny — but here you go!! Friendship Friday y’all!! Be sure to follow Audrey and Vera on YouTube for more…

Glossybox Unboxing

Glossybox Unboxing: Beauty Subscription Box Review

Another Beauty Box unboxing! Yeah! This time, we are focusing on Glossybox. I actually really love this one — they usually offer up FULL size options which is ALWAYS a score. Check out what products I snagged this month and…

Birchbox Unboxing

Birchbox Unboxing: Beauty Subscription Service

Have you ever wanted to see what came in a Birchbox? Well, I videoed this month’s subscription mailer for your viewing pleasure! Check out all the makeup / lotions / potions I was able to snag for my monthly fee….

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Daily VLOG: Kidz Vuz Back To School Bash #KidzVuzBTS

We had a great time in the city yesterday — FULL DAY I MIGHT ADD. I’m pretty sure I passed out before all three of my children when we got home. But isn’t that what summer is all about? We…