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Today’s Obsession: Fall Makeup Must Haves

Looking towards FALL trends already? Me too! Even though I’m in a bathing suit and sitting on a beach, I’m knee deep in over-sized sweaters and wool coats. Sorry, I’m a girl who likes cold weather fashion!! Today, I’m focusing…

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Birchbox Unboxing And Review

Yeah! Another month for Birchbox goodies! Where do I keep all of this makeup? I mean… I actually don’t know.

Topshop Twill & Satin Stripe Dress

What She Wore: Topshop Twill & Satin Stripe Dress

Ok! I know what you are saying – what kind of picture is THIS? But I couldn’t WAIT to tell you about this dress!! It’s the Topshop Twill & Satin Stripe Dress and I am OBSESSED. I’m bringing it on the cruise…

Cork Heels

Today’s Obsession: Cork Heels

Need. Want. Love. Lust. Obsessed. Desperation. Infatuation. Appreciation. All the ations!!!!!! I love cork. I love it in bags and heels and on my wall and… and… well, you catch my drift. Check out these heels I found from Donald…

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5 Must Try Beauty Hacks For The Fall

Beauty Hacks! Beauty Hacks! Beauty Hacks! I LOVE them and if you get honest with yourself for one second – you will admit that you feel the same way too. I found a few fun products online that I was able…


Today’s Obsession: Fall Favorites

  This summer, I really pulled away from my fashion round up posts and I am so sorry about that! Having my three kids home and on top of me threw me for a loop. I always lose my mind…


Today’s Obsession: Jewelry For Under $5

I always love to shop for online bargains and I found SO MANY FAB OPTIONS TODAY people! I mean – wait until you see!! I even bought a few because… how could I NOT? Please! It’s my DUTY to try…