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Fashion Hauling: KMART Fashion

When you think KMART does fashion immediately come to mind? It most certainly wasn’t on top of my list… until ‘Getting Gorgeous’ late last year. I saw such amazing designs on their mannequins that I kept questioning what booth I…

VIDEO: Fashion Hauling (when jeans aren’t allowed)

I joined a local club and they won’t let me wear jeans. I decided to go shopping and get a few things to get me by for the next few weeks should Bill want to head on over for dinner….

VLOG: Fashion Hauling TJMaxx

Viva la gift cards! I had a bunch and used them all up this week. Check out what I ended up snagging from TJMaxx. A few shirts for me, an outfit for Liam, some Halloween decorations and a jewelry storage…

VLOG: Fashion Hauling At H&M

Excuse the way the camera flips around trying to follow my movements. I am still getting used to my MAC. Check out these Military inspired pieces I snagged from H&M earlier this week. I am la-la-loving them all! The entire…

VLOG: Fashion Hauling (I Can’t Stop Buying Dresses)

Admittedly, I’m going to return one of the dresses I show in this Fashion Hauling video – but seriously… what is WRONG with me? All these dresses? It’s INSANE. I have to stop. There is no place to put them….