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Women's Topshop D-Ring Denim Shirtdress

Two Different Takes On The Classic Denim Dress

  Denim dresses are classic. They will never go out of style. They will always be on trend. You want to talk about a staple? Here you go – the denim shirtdress. Boom. But you can wear this look a…

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Today’s Obsession: Fall Makeup Must Haves

Looking towards FALL trends already? Me too! Even though I’m in a bathing suit and sitting on a beach, I’m knee deep in over-sized sweaters and wool coats. Sorry, I’m a girl who likes cold weather fashion!! Today, I’m focusing…

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Birchbox Unboxing And Review

Yeah! Another month for Birchbox goodies! Where do I keep all of this makeup? I mean… I actually don’t know.

Topshop Twill & Satin Stripe Dress

What She Wore: Topshop Twill & Satin Stripe Dress

Ok! I know what you are saying – what kind of picture is THIS? But I couldn’t WAIT to tell you about this dress!! It’s the Topshop Twill & Satin Stripe Dress and I am OBSESSED. I’m bringing it on the cruise…

Cork Heels

Today’s Obsession: Cork Heels

Need. Want. Love. Lust. Obsessed. Desperation. Infatuation. Appreciation. All the ations!!!!!! I love cork. I love it in bags and heels and on my wall and… and… well, you catch my drift. Check out these heels I found from Donald…

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5 Must Try Beauty Hacks For The Fall

Beauty Hacks! Beauty Hacks! Beauty Hacks! I LOVE them and if you get honest with yourself for one second – you will admit that you feel the same way too. I found a few fun products online that I was able…


Today’s Obsession: Fall Favorites

  This summer, I really pulled away from my fashion round up posts and I am so sorry about that! Having my three kids home and on top of me threw me for a loop. I always lose my mind…