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Daily VLOG: Car Diaries

Not the most entertaining of days — being honest here. I had a massive migraine for at least half of yesterday and that pretty much killed my filming abilities. Short and to the point. Today will be better – I…


Daily VLOG: Natalie’s Musical Performance

Daily VLOG: Natalie’s Musical Performance   So proud of my baby girl! 30 days in singing and acting camp and then 6 hours of performances in one day. She was exhausted by the end. SOBBING her eyes out because it…

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How Well Do You Know Your Wife? We Asked Our Husbands!

Audrey and I had a little fun with our husbands this week and asked them questions to see how well they know us. Shockingly, they did surprisingly well! Of course, they had to make fun of us during it all.

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Daily VLOG: Sleepover With The McCLellands

We had so much fun hosting the McClellands for a night. I wish they stayed longer!!! We had to film something for a project that Audrey and I are shooting and the kids needed to be in the mix. So,…

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Three Things: Back To School Edition

I have been saying a word wrong my entire life… and Audrey caught it in this video. See me learn that lesson during this weeks “Three Things” video. I still can’t believe this!!!