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Daily Diary: This Little Piggy

Short and sweet today – but this is on of my son’s favorite songs to sing. Natalie recorded our little fun the other day and I had to share. I give you…. This Little Piggy.

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Daily Diary: A Half Day Of Rest (Sort Of)

I have been traveling like crazy – back and forth to LA for a secret project that I am not allowed to talk about just yet – and BOY am I pooped. I know it’s not that big of a…


Daily Diary: Blogging Is Exhausting

Controversy. It sells. Literally. Click bait is the key to success for many bloggers and watching those sites succeed makes me want to start grinding my teeth. It’s like people sit home and wait for someone to trip up, to…

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8 Things I Learned About Myself While Visiting LA

I flew to LA this week for a few days. That’s the reason why there’s been SLIM pickings over here on Lady and the Blog. I haven’t had time to do any write ups and I am so sorry about…