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Daily VLOG: Sleepover With The McCLellands

We had so much fun hosting the McClellands for a night. I wish they stayed longer!!! We had to film something for a project that Audrey and I are shooting and the kids needed to be in the mix. So,…

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Three Things: Back To School Edition

I have been saying a word wrong my entire life… and Audrey caught it in this video. See me learn that lesson during this weeks “Three Things” video. I still can’t believe this!!!


Daily Diary: Hashimotos And A Thyroid Sonogram

This video shows my immediate reaction after the doctor’s office. What a journey this has been. I mean… a year long battle to finally start making a move. I don’t remember updating you guys on my thyroid before. I know I’ve…


Daily VLOG: A Husband That Cleans And Sings

I’m letting you in on a little secret guys… my husband does the dishes in the house. Yes, it’s true. Whenever he is cleaning, he SINGS too! It’s like a musical performance every single night. Well, last night, Bill forgot…

Quick Beauty Tips

Monday Funday: Quick Beauty Tips (VIDEO)

Short and sweet – what are some things that Audrey and I cannot live without when it comes to beauty and beauty routines? There are some REALLY obvious ones if you know us (ahem… dry shampoo for me), but we…


Daily VLOG: Christmas In July And An Off Broadway Show

We were so thrilled to check out a musical that two of our friends were in last night! Unfortunately, I couldn’t tape any of it but they did such a great job! Here’s a recap of the day leading up…