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Ask Bill And Vera A Question: VIDEO

I had to ask. You know I had to. My poor husband was a TROOPER during my bed rest stint. I was dying to hear what he was going to miss the LEAST. Who knew I asked for so much…

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Ask Bill And Vera A Question (VIDEO Series)

Here is the second part of last week’s video conversation. It went SO LONG — we had to cut it in half and edit big time. Have a question? Leave it in the comment section.

Ask Bill And Vera A Question (Video Series)

  We filmed this the day before I was placed on bed rest – so this is a little dated. But wanted to share it nevertheless. If you have any questions – leave a comment here. We are going to…

Ask Bill And Vera A Question: Blogger Video Series

Here’s the latest from our ‘Ask Bill and Vera’ series. We did not get through all the questions. I missed a whole post by accident. We will work on that tonight while my hair is still straight. If you have…